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We love art at the Old Town Cafe.  It brightens our work environment and supports our creative community.  Many of us participate in the arts.  We are, however, a restaurant.  With people to feed.  Hopefully this will answer some of your questions.  For further information, you may contact our art director  (note: this email is only checked right before scheduling of hanging a new show.)


Shows are two months long with a different artist in each space.  This means we only have 12 artists a year and are usually booked six months to a year out.  This also means the art director only completes scheduling once or twice a year.


The cafe does not take any commission, yet handles the sale of art, allowing customers to pay with cash, check, visa or mastercard.  The Cafe pays the artist at the end of the show.  

If you hang art here: 

The artist is responsible for tags and artist statement and physically hanging their show from our picture molding (no nails allowed). This generally happens on the last day of the month before your show, between 4:30 and 8 pm.  The Old Town Cafe provides fishing line, S hooks to hang from the picture molding, and a captive audience for your art, everyday from 6:30 am to 3 pm.


Drop off a portfolio during business hours.  DO NOT DROP OFF ORIGINALS! A portfolio can be as simple as a photocopied sheet of some photos of your pieces.  You may also email a sample of your work or a link to a web site,  If it is not clear from your images, please indicate size and medium so we can better schedule the rooms.  To be considerate of our staff, please have your materials prepared to simply drop off.  Our servers really hustle to serve hungry customers and generally don't have the time or knowledge to answer specific art-related questions.


art director

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