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Old Town Pantry

Bulk Purchases

Reheat at your convenience

To ensure availability please order 1 day in advance for large orders.


Ranchero Sauce

Cheese Sauce

Mushroom Tahini Gravy

7.50   16oz (2 servings)

15.00   32ox (4 servings)

boiled, diced potatoes with Old Town's custom Homespice on the side.

7.00   16oz

13.00   32oz

Black Beans - Our original recipe

7.50   16oz (serves 2)

15.00   32oz (serves 4)

Fresh Salsa

7.50  16oz

15.00  32oz



Old Town's signature blend of herbs and spices perfect for seasoning potatoes

3.00  4oz

Full Order of Pancake Batter

10.75 regular

11.75 gluten free

our regular or gluten free

pre-mixed pancake batter

ready to cook

side of butter

1.50 side of real maple syrup


Salad Dressings 

(larger sizes available with advance order)

8.00  8oz

Whatcom Blue Cheese

Honey Sesame

Tofu Dill

Dijon Vinaigrette

Lemon Tahini

Real Ranch

Dawn's Chai Mix

14.00 quart

add equal parts of your own milk


Organic Orange of Grapefruit Juice

7.50  single

28.00  4 mimosas

a full bottle of Cava and enough orange or grapefruit juice for four servings

Chicken Pot Pie


Frozen 9 inch chicken pot pie.  Serves 2 generously

Free range chicken, carrots, potatoes, and peas.

with a pastry crust topping, ready to bake at home.

Fruit Pie


9 inch seasonal fruit pie

Baked or not baked

(must be ordered 24 hours in advance)

please call about our current fruit selections


Unbaked Pie Dough


2 disks enough for one 9 inch pie


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